13934664_1752858258325100_8655555815058804559_nVictoria House Therapies is situated at Victoria House, which is situated just off East Reach in central Taunton, Somerset. Appointments are in a dedicated, private room on the first floor, providing a calm, spacious environment in which to receive your treatment.

There are visitor car parking spaces available for free for the duration of your treatment either at the front of the building or in the car park situated just off Viney Street (zoom in on the map and look for the gap at the side of the building).

Having trouble with stairs? No problem! Victoria House Therapies benefit from full lift access so you can access your treatments easily.

All reflexology treatments at Victoria House cost £40 per session for longer treatments (excluding Top and Toe, which is £60 as it is a much longer treatment), or £30 per session for 30 minute treatments.

For more information about treatments at Victoria House Therapies, we have a dedicated website at www.vhtherapies.com.

If you would like to book a reflexology treatment here, please feel free to call/text on 0782 344 3239, or use the online booking form available here.