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Do I get a discount for booking a series of treatments?

Yes! If you choose to book and pay for a series of treatments all in one go, I like to say a little thank you. Which is why you save £10 on a pre-paid series of 4 treatments!

A pre-paid heavenly half dozen (6) treatments gives you a session absolutely free!

Can I reclaim treatment costs from my medical cashback scheme?

Due to my memberships with the Association of Reflexologists and FHT, you may be able to claim the cost of your treatments back from your medical cashback provider. If you subscribe to a medical cashback plan either personally or as an employee benefit, please check with your provider prior to your treatment as to whether reflexology treatments are covered, and what needs to be provided as evidence. Each cashback plan will differ in terms of cover and what they require in order to claim the cost of your treatment back.

Is there anyone that can’t be treated?

I am qualified and insured to treat any type of client, whatever their situation. In some rare circumstances, I might judge it more professionally responsible not to provide treatments; if this applies to you, I will inform you as to why it may be inadvisable to treat and will suspend treatments until it is fine for you to receive treatments again. I won’t charge for consultation in such circumstances.

What if I need to cancel my treatment?

If you wish to cancel your booking with me for any reason, please try to leave as much time before your treatment is due to take place as possible. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, please note that a cancellation charge may apply.