Facial reflexology for men

Facial Reflexology is a non-intrusive treatment that combines all the effectiveness of a traditional reflexology treatment with its own unique rejuvenating properties on the face, leaving you looking and feeling great. It is based on the theory that different different organs and systems in the body can be mapped out on the face, and that through gentle manipulation of these areas on the face, the reflexologist might have an energetic effect on the reflected area in the body.

Are there any added benefits from the reflexology taking place on the face?

Not only does this treatment feel wonderful, but it has some great extra benefits too!

  • Due to the proximity of the facial reflexes to the cranial nerves, this means that the body gets a more powerful relaxation signal from the treatment, allowing you to relax more thoroughly. It also means that the nerve impulses coming from the reflex zones and areas being worked are stronger, as they have less far to travel to the brain.
  • As with any manual manipulation of muscles, the facial reflexology allows for better muscle tone on the face, making the skin sit tighter to its underlying structures. This means that the face may look slightly more sculpted in shape, and lines may soften or disappear completely, depending on their severity.
  • The massaging techniques that form the basis of the Facial Reflexology treatment also help lymph to drain away and encourage good circulation – so your skin can get rid of its waste products and receive the nutrients it needs more easily. The result of all this is that you’ll leave with a glow, both on the inside and the outside, as your skin will start to look visibly better without needing quite so much of your usual lotions and potions at home. You’ll both look and feel rejuvenated!

What can I expect in a normal Facial Reflexology treatment?

Your first treatment will start with a discussion of your medical history. This will be kept confidentially, and will be used to tailor your treatments specifically to you. All other treatments will begin with a quick checkup to see if anything has changed since the previous treatment.

  1. Your face will be given a refreshing wipe over with totally organic wipes containing soothing green tea and aloe vera. Even the cotton is organic!
  2. A nourishing organic oil will be applied to your face via soothing and uplifting massage techniques. Whether you’re male or female, these oils smell amazing too.
  3. Specialist techniques will be applied to the face in a treatment tailored especially for you, leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed and looking so glowing that people might think you’ve been on holiday!

Your first Facial Reflexology treatment can last up to an hour and a half, depending on the complexity of your consultation and the fine-tuning of your treatment. All other appointments take between an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes.

What should I expect after a treatment?

Most people find that on the whole, their treatment is very relaxing, and they come away feeling very sleepy and relaxed. Some people find they need to visit the toilet a little more or feel a little tearful in the hours following a treatment, as the relaxation causes the body to release things it may have been holding in before. Rarely, some people may find their problem gets a little worse before getting better, or feel like a slight cold is coming on – however, this usually passes within 24 – 48 hours if you keep yourself well hydrated.

Will you achieve your treatment aim within a treatment? You never know – for some, I have seen dramatic improvement, and for others a much slower progression. However, you should notice some visible difference to the face even after a single treatment, as the treatment leaves you with a visible glow to your features!

How much does it cost?

All Facial Reflexology treatments cost £40, wherever you choose to have them.

Treat yourself with a little something extra

Love Facial Reflexology? If you want to take it a step further and treat yourself, why not try one of my blissful Top and Toe treatments? Combining the benefits of foot reflexology with the rejuvenating and deeply relaxing properties of facial reflexology, this treatment really will leave you glowing from head to foot! For more information, click here to visit my Top and Toe page.

Looking to focus more on the rejuvenation aspect?

Why not try one of my Zone Facelift Massage treatments? Available as 60 minute or 90 minute treatments, these have much more of a focus in helping to speed up the facial rejuvenation aspect of your treatments, whilst still giving you the benefits of facial reflexology. It’s an all natural way of helping you look younger and feel amazing!

Get the best value for money from your treatment

You can gain extra value for money through using my loyalty card scheme, or paying for a series of treatments up front.

Another way you can get the most out of your treatments is by letting me know you are interested in learning some self help techniques. These are simple techniques I can show you on your hands that you can apply in between treatments. Not everyone wants homework from their lovely, relaxing treatment and that’s ok – these techniques are only for those who’d like a bit more in between treatments to support my work in helping them achieve their treatment aims.