Want to feel at your best? One way to do this is through experiencing the amazing therapies of reflexology and massage. The best part is, the treatment is tailored completely to you. It’s your space and my aim is help you achieve what you want from it.

So if that’s a window of complete relaxation in your busy week, I can do that for you. If it’s supporting your body so it deals with illness or injury most effectively, I can help with that too. There’s a lot of ways that reflexology and massage can support you and together we can work out how they can best help you. To find out more or book a treatment, feel free to contact me on 07823443239.

Want to be able to focus more and stress less?
Feeling like you’ve lost your healthy glow?

I can help! I offer a range of reflexology and massage in Taunton and the surrounding areas, which can support your body to operate at its best.

Reflexology might be the best therapy you’ve ever experienced!

Maybe you’re looking to experience Traditional Reflexology. If so, I can leave you feeling grounded, balanced and with your body in the best place for healing to happen. I can also advise on techniques you can try at home between treatments. I have trained in a wealth of reflexology techniques so that your treatment is as personalised and effective as it can be.

Perhaps you’re looking for a deeply relaxing experience, with rejuvenating effects on the face and balancing effects on the body. If so, Facial Reflexology might just be the best therapy you’ve ever discovered…I have done extensive training in Ziggie Bergman’s famous Zone Facelift programme to ensure that both health benefits and age-defying properties are the best they can be.

Looking to soothe and relax with a deeply warming experience?  You may wish to try Hot Stone Reflexology. I trained with the internationally renowned Sally Earlam to perfectly blend the therapeutic properties of Traditional Reflexology with the warmth of these hot basalt stones – perfect for a winter’s day!

Or if you’re looking to experience the best of all worlds, why not try a unique Top and Toe experience for some Facial Reflexology combined with some Traditional/Hot Stone Reflexology, to experience the ultimate in balance and rejuvenation?


Massage might help take away those aches and pains

massageFeeling achy? You might benefit from a full body or back, neck and shoulder massage, perfectly tailored to suit the needs of your muscles and drawing from Swedish, Shiatsu and Acupressure techniques for relaxation, lymphatic drainage, posture improvements and stress relief. Not content to do a shorter, lighter course in massage, I did my research and undertook a full Level 3 Diploma in Body Massage to better meet my clients’ needs, so I can pick and choose the techniques that would best suit you.

Alternatively, you could try the invigorating Indian Head Massage, drawn from techniques my tutor had learned in India and fused with modern massage techniques to provide a contemporary and refreshing experience which will leave those people who have experienced these massages in India with a big smile on their face from all the techniques you won’t have felt since!

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more about these or standard treatments?  For more information about receiving Footlights reflexology and massage in Taunton and the surrounding areas, feel free to browse this website or give me a call on 07823443239 for more information.


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** New treatment on offer! I’m proud to introduce full body and back, neck and shoulder massages to my offering! More details coming soon – watch this space! **

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