Massage in Taunton

Massage – de-stress and ease away those aches with a treatment tailored just for you.

Massage really gets into the muscles and eases away aches and tension like no other therapy! Whether it’s a relaxing, full body massage you’re looking for, or one that’s more tailored to a particular concern (for example, a back, neck and shoulder massage is a popular one – however, this can be other parts of the body such as the legs, hips and feet, depending on what you need), I can provide a treatment that completely meets your needs.

Massage is a complementary therapy which works through the application of fixed and moveable pressure techniques, holding techniques, stretches and sometimes mobilisation of the joints to warm, soothe, loosen or stretch muscle fibres beneath the skin.

What are the benefits of massage?

Massage has a number of physical and emotional benefits:

  • Physically, you might find…
    • You get fewer headaches or migraines
    • Puffiness (oedema) reducing at the ankles or joints
    • Your circulation improving
    • Due to the improved circulation, waste products may be removed more quickly from the muscle tissue, resulting in fewer aches and pains
    • Your joints feeling looser and more mobile
    • Your muscles feel more relaxed
    • Your posture is better
    • Your muscles look and feel more toned
    • Your blood pressure is lower
    • Your breathing becoming deeper and more relaxed
    • Your sleep improving in quality
    • Your digestion improving
    • Your skin looking more healthy and glowing
  • Psychologically, you might find…
    • You feel a sense of euphoria, feeling happier or uplifted by the treatment
    • You have more energy, perhaps even feeling rejuvenated by the treatment
    • You feel relaxed and de-stressed
    • You feel ‘spaced out’, or alternatively mentally alert and clear-headed
    • You feel less emotionally tense and more calm
    • You feel more grounded
    • You can concentrate better and think more clearly

How long is a massage treatment?

Your wellbeing comes first in every treatment, and the duration of the treatment depends on what you would like from it.

As a guide, I allow up to an hour and a half for a full body massage (though please allow up to an hour and forty five minutes for your first treatment so you have space to tell me about your health and treatment aims, and to ask any questions).

For specific areas of concern, I would allow an hour – again, please allow an extra 15 minutes for your first treatment to allow you space if you need it to ask questions and discuss any health issues, medication or treatment aims. This obviously varies depending on how large the focus area is, and should you wish for a more accurate figure, do feel free to get in touch.

What should I expect after a treatment?

Most people find that on the whole, they come away feeling sleepy and relaxed. Some people find they need to visit the toilet a little more or feel a little tearful in the hours following a treatment, as the relaxation causes the body to release things it may have been holding in before. Rarely, some people may find their problem gets a little worse before getting better, or feel like a slight cold is coming on – however, this usually passes within 24 – 48 hours if you keep yourself well hydrated.

With massage, you may also feel a little achy or (rarely) you may have a little light bruising if you bruise easily; however, this is simply due to the use of pressure techniques and the release that comes with it. Ultimately, this should fade quickly and be replaced by a feeling of wellbeing.

Will you achieve your treatment aim within a treatment? You never know – for some, I have seen dramatic improvement, and for others a much slower progression. The only way you can know is to try it!

How much does it cost?

Full body massage treatments cost £50.

Tailored massage costs £45 per hour’s treatment.

Please note that massage is not available for home visits.

Get the best value for money from your treatment

You can gain extra value for money through  paying for a series of treatments up front.