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Feel alive with an  invigorating Indian Head Massage, blending the best in contemporary luxury with the authentic feel of a traditional treatment.

Indian Head Massage is a blend of relaxing, warming and invigorating massage applied to the upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, scalp, ears and face, which really focuses in on those troublesome tension areas to leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world!

How long is a normal Indian Head Massage treatment?

Your wellbeing comes first in every treatment, and while the treatment itself usually takes about an hour, I tailor your experience to you.

Therefore, I allow up to an hour and a half for your first treatment  so you have space to tell me about your health and treatment aims, and to ask any questions.

All other appointments take between fifty minutes and an hour – again to allow you space if you need it to ask questions and discuss any changes in health, medication or treatment aims.


What should I expect after a treatment?

Most people find that on the whole, their treatment is relaxing and invigorating. Some people find they need to visit the toilet a little more or feel a little tearful in the hours following a treatment, as the relaxation causes the body to release things it may have been holding in before. Rarely, some people may find their problem gets a little worse before getting better, or feel like a slight cold is coming on – however, this usually passes within 24 – 48 hours if you keep yourself well hydrated.

How much does it cost?

Indian Head Massage treatments cost £45 per treatment

Value for money

You can gain extra value through paying for a series of treatments up front.