Man relaxingMany of the standard ‘stock’ photos of reflexology show women receiving this amazing therapy – but I think the men in our midst deserve recognition too!

Hard work and stress do not affect one gender alone. Nor does anxiety and the feeling that life is running away with you. In fact, if you asked both genders to write down their top concerns in life at any one time, for many of them, they would be similar: having a successful career, having enough time to spend with partner and/or family, having enough money to enjoy the comforts in life, and being able to move forward towards life’s goals free of fear and hesitation.


So what’s this got to do with reflexology?

The answer is simple: the first step to achieving all this is to make time for yourself. To give yourself space to clear away the debris of the week, to focus, catch your breath and strengthen yourself for the week ahead. Reflexology is the perfect answer – even after a single treatment, the world can seem like a different place.


What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy, which means that it works best when used alongside your normal healthcare plan. It is based on the theory that different zones on your feet, face or hands represent different organs and systems in your body. By applying special massage techniques to these areas, the reflexologist hopes to have an energetic effect on the organs and systems they represent.


What does it involve?

I offer several different treatments to help you relax and focus, so you can be at your best. To find out more about them, feel free to use the links below:

Foot Reflexology – where pressure and massage techniques are applied to points on the feet and lower leg to promote balance and wellbeing.

Hot Stone Reflexology – where hot basalt stones are applied to specific points and zones on the feet and lower leg for a treatment that penetrates deeply into the muscles.

Top and Toe – where point work on your face promotes deep relaxation to amplify the effectiveness of the point work on your feet.